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Who We Are...

Some time back our little family decided to take some big risks. With two children grown and moved out, and two still at home, we did the unthinkable. We sold our house, left our employment, left family and friends, and ran off to the green hills of Kentucky to build up a homestead.  We had dreams of lots of animals freely roaming our little piece of land, growing our own organic food, making healthy, organically based lotions and soaps, and helping the community. We wanted to help restore health to people and be able to work right here on our property so we could be here to care for our special-needs girls and not have to leave them during the day to work an outside job.  We've experienced so many foibles along the way, but also some great triumphs and joys!  We're happy to be here and happy to be able to share our craft with you to help make your life a bit more wholesome and healthy!  Welcome to Mo' Natural!  Nice to "meet" you!

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