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Below are just some of the many testimonials we have received about our products!


  • Mo' Pro progesterone oil is amazing. I'd love to write a review on it. I use it on my face and it's the best lotion/oil I've ever used on my skin! Period!  - Kristi B.

  • I was having the most excruciating night leg cramps. Like I would wake up and my calf muscle would be wrapped around the opposite side of my leg where it should be. Just unbearable even though I take twice as much quinine as a human should :(
    On the 1st night I used this I slathered it on and I woke up with the start of a cramp but it was so tame I barely noticed it and it went away immediately. Where has this been all of my life!  ~ Pamaluchi


  • Really helps with my muscle pain due to fibromyalgia. ~ Tovah

  • This lotion is a lifesaver. A few years ago I started struggling with restless leg. It doesn’t happen every night but when it does the twitching keeps me awake and sometimes my husband as well. I read somewhere that magnesium relaxes and calms so I was on the hunt. I found this cream and I’ve never turned back. Within 5 to 7 minutes of applying this cream to the bottoms of my feet or the backs of my knees or sometimes calves or wrists I am good to go. The twitching stops and I can sleep peacefully!  ~ Andrew

  • I have been struggling with nightly cramps in my legs for years and tried many remedies. This cream is the first really effective solution I’ve found. When I use it on my feet and legs before bed, I almost never get a cramp. And if I do, it’s usually a mild one.  ~ Chris

  • This product completely eliminated my leg cramps during pregnancy!! I was taking magnesium citrate orally to help with it and it just wasn’t enough, I was still waking up in the middle of the night with killer cramps in my calves. I started putting this on every night before bed and they went away instantly. I’ll probably keep buying even after pregnancy! What a miracle product!  ~  Gunters

  • A website called "DiyJointPaintRelief" put our Mo' Maggie Magnesium lotion first on their list of products that help with pain, etc.  They wrote wonderful things about the product!  See here: and click on "Pain Relief Products" in their menu bar.


  • [Regarding our Dandelion Dreams Artisan soap]:  This is my favorite I've EVER seen. I’ve looked at a whole lot of soap and this is the most AMAZING one I’ve seen 😊So happy to see someone celebrate my favorite useful “weed”.


  • I experimented with your lotion this afternoon and used it only on my left hand. I then went outside and put together a lighted reindeer, strung garland and lights, cooked dinner, then washed dishes by hand.  Afterwards, I asked my daughter-in-law if she could tell which hand I had used the lotion on earlier in the day.  She instantly picked the left hand!!!  I absolutely LOVE the lotion!!! Truly, it is wonderful! It isn't greasy and makes my skin feel SO soft and hydrated.  The fragrances are so lovely.  Honestly, your lotion truly softens my skin.  My legs haven't been this soft in such a long time.  I have used all of the name brand lotions including Nivea, Cetaphil, Keri, Lubriderm, etc., and these leave my skin feeling greasy whereas your products do not.


  •  My mother is almost 91 years old and she also is using the lotion and loves it. Yesterday I overheard her telling her Avon lady about your lotion.  My son was VERY happy with his Patchouli soap.  Keep up the good work and I'll be back ordering more before long!  My thanks to you, Kristy!  You definitely go the extra mile to make sure your customers are satisfied!  All I can say is thank you, thank you!  I am referring you to my friends and have sent your website address to several friends and co-workers.  I know I will definitely be a repeat customer.  Thank you for the great packaging, the fast service, and for being so kind.  - Holly C. 


  • Your lotions are just the best!  After trying many different kinds of lotions (and I mean MANY), this is the best lotion for keeping soft.  I rub it all over after a shower and on my tootsies before bed.  My feet are finally soft. I am such a country bumpkin and don't like to wear shoes, so hence the hard feet. I had originally planned to give some of the soaps to some friends, but I'm hoarding them for myself!  - Miranda

  • Kristy, you are such a sweetheart!  I received my package today and was totally surprised by all the samples you sent.  Your lotion is is just to die for!!! You absolutely made my day. . . what a fantastic treat!  I can hardly wait to soak in the tub tonight!


  • The only thing I am asking my husband for Christmas this year is your soaps & body products! I went into a soap shop today, during a town's open house. Hers did not even compare to yours. I told her about you & your soaps, as a matter of fact! You rock! I may have to make a trip in person to see & smell all your soaps!   - Tanya D., from Kentucky


  • I'm pretty cheap when it comes to spending money, and I usually just buy the cheapest products I can find.  But your lotion really IS good. I'd buy it every time AND I'd tell everybody else about it.  It makes my skin really soft and silky!  -  Judy 


  • Thank you for the care and love that obviously goes into all of your delectable creations!  The goodies arrived today and I am so happy! Thanks, Kristy!  You rock! -  Jaime from Richmond, VA.


  • I wanted to let you know once again that I loved what I got.  I sent your holiday soaps to two friends and they just love them !  My kids love the things they got in their stockings.  - Miranda


  • I am so grateful I have found your lotion and soaps!  My hands crack and bleed every winter. Your goat milk soaps and lotion have healed my hands!  I love that I can go back to work immediately after using your lotion because my hands are not greasy - just re-moisturized. The goat milk soap that I used on my baby's diaper rash healed him very quickly.  We are so grateful and happy to be healthier now that we are using your products.  Thanks!   - DaRosa family, CA


  • Hi Kristy!  I can't believe I already received my order!  You are so fast and everything smells so good and the samples are great!  -  Patty P.


  • Wow, this lotion makes my skin feel like a rose petal.  -  12 year old boy who tried a lotion sample at a craft fair


  • I REALLY, REALLY love your soap!  And my husband raves about the soap he got from you.  He wants more!  We'll be ordering from you every time we need more!  Your Cinnamon Bun soap was a hit at work!  I passed it around to people there and now everybody wants to order it. Can we buy them by the dozen?

  • -  Mary Ann


  • Oh, Kristy, I LOVE the products I got from you!  Your products smell so good. My friends thought it was way better than Victoria Secret!  And I love your lotion!  I want all my friends to try it!   - Peaches, AZ.


  • I love the scent of my lotion!  Usually with other lotions, my dry skin comes back right away, but it didn't with yours. It looks nice, feels nice, and the scent is light yet stays with you.  When my daughter came home from school today, I could still smell the scent on her from her lotion.  -  Golda, AZ.


  • We were all absolutely thrilled with your Cinnamon Bun soap!  It looked and smelled amazing! My daughter's Bubble Gum lotion smelled amazing, too.  WOW! I LOVE your lotion!  MY sister-in-law dropped by right after we opened your package, so we showed her everything.  Thank you so much for all the goodies!!! We are thrilled. Thank you, thank you, thank you!   -  The Peterson Familly


  • You are not just a soap maker, you're a soap artist!  I mean it!  - Lorin T., Utah


  • You are the Soapstress of the Universe!  - Nick H., Australia 


  • I just received the soaps I ordered and they are all WONDERFUL! Oh, the sights -- oooh, the smells! Thank you, Kristy!  - Anna B., Utah


  • Hi, just letting you know that I LOVE my soaps and lotions.  You have really made up a special box of goodies for me to enjoy and I appreciate it very much.  The lotion has a wonderful fragrance. Thanks so much!  I love the scent of my soap I just ordered.  Love it, love it, LOVE it!  The glycerin soap sample you sent is out of this world!  _  Tracey B.

  • Thanks so much!  Everyone just loves your soaps, etc.  I've handed out all of your cards.  I gave the soaps to my friends at work and everyone else wanted some, too, so I gave them your cards and told them order to some for themselves. I will be ordering more soon!  I love love love love it!!!  Thanks again for all the lovelies!  - Patty


  • I could smell the products before I could even get the box opened. Anyhow, as I was enjoying my search through the box, my sister came in and had to get her fingers into it, too!  I gave her one bar, but I'm selfish and I'm keeping the rest to myself!  I love your lotion!  After washing my hands, the silky feeling is still there!  The boys are loving their gifts, fighting over each of them.  And yes, they're bugging me to take a bath in the middle of the afternoon.  I told them to go get dirty first so they're outside in the dirt, playing with the Tonka Toys. Once again, I thank you.  - Robin C.


  • Your lotion smells good enough to eat!  - Amber C.


  • I have ordered from you and you are soooo reasonable and good quality. The lotions, for example, are all-natural and homemade and are absorbed very well. My kids look forward to taking a bath even more now.  I really like the lotion.  

  • -  Tammy B.


  • We got our order a few days ago.  I wanted to thank you for getting it to us in such a timely manner and your following up on it.  I am very impressed with the way you do business!!!  Thank you for the other samples. Your products are wonderful!!!  We will be ordering again!   -  Cheryl C.


  • The package came today, and the products are absolutely fabulous!!  I have them all sitting in my bathroom, and I told my husband we don't need any candles anymore to make the house smell wonderful because your products are making everything smell pretty.  I know we are going to absolutely love all of them. Thank you so much for all the samples, too, so we can make some other choices next time.  I am really looking forward to using each and every one of them. Again, thank you for such a quality product at great prices.... and natural, too!  -  Kathleen W.


  • Getting your package of goodies is as exciting as Christmas morning!  - anon


  • We are very excited about your products and what you are offering, and your prices are so wonderful.  I believe we are all going to have a long time relationship through your products, and we thank you for making quality natural products.  - K.W.


  • Thanks Kristy for the wonderful smelling soaps and lotions.  They're great! My hands have never been softer!  -  Marlene S.


  • Thank you for all the great extras.  You are a wonderful woman.  All the soaps and lotions smell great.  Keep up the good work.  I will definitely be buying more from you. Thank you.  -  Jaime S. 


  • I am another happy customer. I love the soap I am currently using. I just gave some as a gift to two of my friends. Keep making it.  - Kara M.


  • I am in love with your soaps. I have a hard time finding products I can use without breaking out. Your soaps are gentle on the skin and are moisturizing. Keep up the great work. You have won a loyal customer and I highly recommend that others give your products a try. Thanks for a great product!!!!!  - Tandi W.

  • I love your product labels. I leave the products on the counter more than other products because they always look awesome with all my colored glass that's on the counter! - Kristi B.

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