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Lil' Mo'Maggie

Magnesium Lotion for Babies and Children

Surprisingly, a very large population of babies and children are magnesium deficient.  Sometimes babies are deficient from birth because the mother, too, is deficient.  Trying to give magnesium supplements orally to babies or children can be a hassle, a mess, and even a nightmare at times!  The optimum way to get Magnesium into the body is through the skin, and Lil' Mo' Maggie is the answer to getting it into your little ones! Every highly absorbable teaspoon of Lil' Mo' Maggie delivers a gentle but effective dose of approximately 100 mg. of pure Magnesium Chloride sourced from the ancient underground Zechstein® seabed in the Netherlands...unpolluted, pristine and pure!


Lil' Mo' Maggie is made with Shea Butter and opulent oils, including Argan Seed, Prickly Pear Seed, Hemp Seed and Sunflower seed - all certified organic! They all rate a "zero" on the comedogenic rating scale, meaning they won't clog your pores. Just what does this mean for you personally?  It means a lot MO' MAGNESIUM and MINERALS penetrate your little one's skin and get into their body where they're needed! Let Lil' Mo' Maggie work its MAG-nificent MAG-ic on you today!  (Because babies and children could use a little Mo' Magnesium!)


A few reviews from actual customers:

"MOMS, BUY THIS!! It is seriously the best thing I've ever seen in my liiiffee!! Another mom in my mommy group suggested it when my 11 month old daughter was still waking 3+ times a night to nurse. The first night we used this cream I could tell it made her skin tingle just like it warns but it only lasts 30 seconds and definitely didn't irritate her skin or anything. She only woke to nurse once the first night at 5am. The second night (and every night for the last week) she is completely sleeping through the night - a solid 11-13hours! It's crazy!!"


" WAY MAKER MIRACLE WORKER -Yes it’s that good!"


"Works like a charm! My baby had issues with stiffness and rigidness and it made breastfeeding very difficult because she was always tense and couldn’t relax. My lactation consultant recommended to put this on baby every night and since then it’s only gotten better! Highly recommend!"


"Miracle! Okay y’all I am not exaggerating when I say this:
My 10 month old daughter is the worst sleeper. I mean she wakes up every hour on the dot either to be fed or just to lay in my arms. She has been this way since a newborn and I have tried literally everything to change it, just hoping for a solid even 2-3 hours of sleep in between wake ups because I’m exhausted and she’s always cranky.
We tried this lotion tonight and within 30 minutes she was asleep, and has now been sleeping for 4 hours without waking up. I’m amazed, baffled, excited, I don’t know what other words I can use to describe my joy but you get the point. This will forever be a staple in my home now!!"


"My daughter has extremely bad growing pains, it’s been an ongoing issue for a few years. I gave this a try and it works!! We rub on legs and feet every night! Amazing product!"


"Lil’ Mo’ Maggie has saved my sanity!! We started using it at night before baby girl's bedtime feeding, carefully following the directions and my 2.5 month old is sleeping through the night!! She is asleep most nights by 10:30pm and sleeps until 8:00 am or later the next morning!! I use one pump and massage it on her little feet and up her legs a bit and she seems to relax within a few minutes. We went from 3-4 wake ups a night to occasionally 1 (on a rare occasion if she isn’t feeling well). I’ve even started to use it myself and seem to get a more restful sleep. Lil’ Mo’ Maggie for the WIN at bedtime in our house!!!"


"My kids use this most nights and put it on their feet before bed. I can always tell a difference in their sleep when they use it."

Important information:  It is important to know that ALL minerals are a SALT and that is why Magnesium can feel 'strange' on the skin.  We formulated Lil' Mo' Maggie with rich Shea Butter and oils so that the application of Magnesium and trace minerals would be more soothing on the skin. The skin of babies and children is a lot more soft, tender and sensitive than adult skin.  WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND APPLYING TO THE BOTTOMS OF THE FEET FOR THE INITIAL FIRST FEW USES.  This is an area that is not very sensitive but there's a lot of veins in the area that will take the minerals into the blood stream quickly and help bring up magnesium levels.


In some sensitive individuals or those with lower than optimum magnesium levels in their body, there MAY initially be tingling, itching, or stinging upon application of Lil' Mo' Maggie (this can happen with any brand of Magnesium lotion).  This can be a very average reaction in these individuals.  If this occurs, it will disappear readily.  However, the lotion can be rinsed off but it's best to let it stay on for about 20-30 minutes for the minerals to absorb well. 


It's also best to just rinse, and not wash it off, because the wonderful moisturizers will remain and benefit your child's skin greatly.  As time goes on, you can begin to apply to other areas of the skin.  It won't take long for their body to adjust, so if they're sensitive, be patient and persistent because Mo' Maggie can do your baby/child a lot of good. 


We live in a world where our soils are stripped to death - literally.  We get our minerals from our food, especially fruits and vegetables.  Where do the fruits and vegetables get minerals?  From the soil.  If the soil doesn't have minerals, neither do we get it from the plants.  If the animals we use for food eat plants that don't have proper minerals in them, then we don't get minerals from the meat, either.  


Avoid eyes and mucous membranes.  For external use only.  Do not apply to areas with cuts, rashes or scrapes or stinging may occur.  Rinse your hands after application to avoid rubbing your eyes.  Never rub Lil' Mo' Maggie onto your child's hands because they may rub their eyes, which could cause stinging.


Pure Magnesium Chloride/Trace Minerals mined from the ancient underground Zechstein seabed in The Netherlands, Purified water, Organic Shea Fruit Butter (fair trade, Sustainably sourced), Emulsifying Wax NF (very mild, vegan emulsifier), Glyceryl Stearate (very natural emulsifier and skin conditioner - with excellent safety rating on the EWG Skin Deep Database), Organic cold-pressed virgin Sunflower oil, Organic Argan Seed Butter (considered "Liquid Gold" or the 'Rolls Royce' of skin oils), VegeCide (Glyceryl Monoundecylenate) an extremely pure and natural preserving medium that's approved by EcoCert, NPA and NaTrue standards, Organic Glycerin, Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil (so beneficial to skin that's it's often referred to as "the fountain of youth" oil), Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Hemp Seed Oil, Xanthan Gum (very natural thickener derived by fermenting sugar), and L-Arginine (a natural amino acid that helps us create a perfect Ph in our lotions).  * All our oils and Shea butter are certified organic!

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