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Illustrated Rosemary
Illustrated Rosemary
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Nestled in the lush green hills of Kentucky is our "Myrtle Blossom Homestead" . . .home of Mo' Natural! It's here we create our ever popular handmade soaps in many luscious aromas & varieties with an old fashioned Homestead touch!

Making soap is my hobby and I love it- it's not a career.  For this reason, I make the scents, colors, sizes, and styles that I feel like making on any given day on the homestead. They could be very simple, rustic, or elaborate.  Soaps can change at any time (so grab them while you can).  I make them... and I share them.  I make Cow Milk Soap, Beer Soap, All Natural Soap, Artisan Soap, and Glycerin Bars. Sometimes a certain type of soap may not be available until I feel like making it again. I entertain requests. Enjoy! ♥


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Illustrated Mint

All Natural Soaps

For those of you who want an all natural bar, look no further!  Only the best natural goodies have been added such as herbs, spices, essential oils, clays or salt (depending upon the scent).  These all lather nicely and smell aaaaahhh-mazing!

All Natural Soaps
Regular Handmade Soaps

These wonderful soaps are for those that don't want goat milk, beer, or any other liquid in their soap.  You just want old fashioned regular soap!  Depending upon my "soapy" mood, you might get very rustic and simple soap, or you might get an elaborate design! Either way, you'll love these soaps!


Regular Handmade Soaps

Cow Milk Soaps

Milk Soaps

Around these parts, we're known for our phenomenal and unique handmade milk soaps!  After creating our first batch of milk soap, our entire family agreed that it is THE BEST soap we've ever made and ever used!  People in our area have unanimously offered us the same sentiments!  Try it for yourself and see!

Beer Soaps
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Brewsky Bars
Beer Soaps

Belly up to the (soap) bar, and have a good scrub with our Brewsky Bar (Beer) Soaps!  Rich, frothy, and creamy bubbles grace these soap bars to create a shower or bath that you'll want to last!  Gentle on the skin, great fragrances, and lather galore!  Great for men, women, and young 'uns! (and we promise they won't get you drunk)