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Raspberry Porter - Brewski Bar (Beer) Soap

Raspberry Porter - Brewski Bar (Beer) Soap


How can I convey how much I love the aroma of this soap?  Juicy Raspberries that almost smell "sparkly", and a hint of very rich Raspberry Porter giving it a great big hug.  People who smell this soap say, "Oooooh", then have to lift it to their nose several times - with the same results.  Ooooooh....  
Yeah, it smells that good.  Good enough that my friend from England pays extra to have it shipped to her.  This is a rustic Farm style bar with loads of suds like beer soaps are famous for!


Ingredients:  Saponified (made into soap) oils of:  Coconut, Olive Fruit, Sustainable Palm, Sunflower and Castor; Beer, fragrance oil, Sea Salt, Mineral Colorants.


Approx. 5.5 oz.

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