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Mo' Pro

Progesterone Cream

FINALLY! A HIGHER strength bio-identical progesterone OIL for those who want only pure ingredients! NO Preservatives, NO emulsifiers, NO dyes, NO fillers, NO fragrance, NO toxic chemicals, Non-GMO, & NEVER tested on Animals!  Use full strength or less with our convenient metered pump! Our progesterone is completely dissolved, not just micronized, for superior absorption. It took a very long time creating & formulating our Mo' Pro ORGANIC formula to bring you what we consider pure perfection! All of Mo' Pro's oils are non-comedogenic, meaning they won't clog your pores! This means that Progesterone can enter the cells quickly. 


Mo' Pro provides you with an ultra pure alternative when it comes to bio-identical Progesterone, which includes superb oils that enhance absorption & pamper the skin at the same time. Science has shown repeatedly that with the heavy exposure we all have to outside pollution in the air, water & food, we're bombarded by "xenoestrogens" & hormone disruptors. All this can wreak havoc in our systems. Progesterone helps to counteract these effects for more balance in our body.  Mo' Pro rubs in very rapidly, is oh-so-velvety smooth, & absorbs quickly. Customers & testers report that Mo' Pro also makes a STELLAR facial oil for anyone - men or women - just 1-3 drops does it.  Progesterone is essential in the bodies of women - but even in men & children in smaller amounts.  Science shows Progesterone is the hormone the body uses to help control excess adrenaline - a great help with anxiety & stress.  Progesterone has too many benefits to list!

Here's some Useful Information about Mo' Pro Progesterone Oil and also it's packaging:

  • What is “Miron Violettglas” from Germany and why do we use it to bottle our Progesterone Oil in?

    • See here – very informative with great illustrations!

    • Progesterone degrades *rapidly* in light and this wonderful, THICK Miron glass helps prevent degrading and oxidation.



How many applications of 50 mg. are in one bottle?

  • Approx. 50 applications

How many mg. of Progesterone are in the 5% (50 mg.) strength bottle?

  • Approx. 2500 mg. of Progesterone


Is the Progesterone in Mo’ Pro completely dissolved?

  • Yes, and it’s important that it is.  This was a “must” for us in our formula.

Is the Progesterone in Mo' Pro "bio-identical"?

  • Yes

Is the Progesterone in Mo' Pro USP Grade?

  • Yes, absolutely!

Where is the Progesterone sourced from?  Is it Vegan friendly?

  • Our Progesterone is sourced from Wild Yams and converted in a lab to USP grade Progesterone.  And yes, our product is absolutely Vegan friendly!



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