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Hey...Don't We Get Enough Magnesium From Our Food??

A high percentage of our population is very deficient in a crucial mineral - Magnesium! This sounds crazy - don't we get magnesium from our food? Sadly, we get very little. But why? It's because our soils have been stripped to death or close to it at best from overuse, agriculture, and pesticides. Farms tend to plant the same crops year after year and never let the soil rest, either. (yes, soil is a living thing and it needs to rest!) They use powerful pesticides. These and other practices strip the soils from crucial minerals. The extent that the soils are dead and dying is far reaching, even epidemic! If you do a little research, I think it will really surprise you ... it sure did me!

Farmers only add a couple of minerals to the soil when planting, in the smallest amounts they can just so a plant can actually grow in the otherwise dead soil. This is a very serious problem that the majority of the public is unaware of. As long as a plant can be grown so that it can be put on a supermarket shelf, "everybody's happy". Sadly, though, we're ingesting what I call "empty food". It's just calories and some carbs with very few nutrients. To add insult to injury, we process the "food" to death.

Magnesium and other trace minerals aren't just lost from this over-using of soil. It is also lost in huge quantities from STRESS. This stress is not only in the form you would generally think of. It comes from bodily stress created by air pollution, water pollution, pesticides, additives in body products, mineral imbalances, vitamin deficiencies, very poor nutrition, too much exercise, not enough exercise, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and so much more! Even "good" stress can cause magnesium loss. Magnesium is burned in very large amounts when we encounter stress. Stress burns magnesium about as badly as fire burns up gasoline. Stress is not our friend!

If you think you're getting enough magnesium and trace minerals, think again. In a perfect world, we could just eat the food that grows around us and have a perfectly balanced system. Unfortunately, humans have stepped in and done some horrendous things to our planet. So, we have to try to rescue ourselves in the only way we can...with supplementing. Unfortunately, when taking oral supplements, we lose a lot of it just form the process of digestion and having the supplement screened by our livers.

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