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Mo' of What's Good, Down to Earth, and Natural!

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Mo' Soft

100% Natural Facial Oil

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A plethora of indulgent organic oils and butters that's so mind-bogglingly good
that it has to be tried to be understood! Yes, THAT good!                 
Approx. 1.33oz

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$10.45 for Scented

$9.95 for unscented
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All of our lotion varieties are:

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       Gluten Free           No Animal Testing     Organically Based      Fragrance Free*             Non-GMO

*  NO parabens 
*  NO added fragrance
*  NO dyes 
*  NO phthalates 
*  NO formaldehyde 

*  NO B.P.A. 

Use with confidence!

Note: *Mo' Soft Hand & Body Lotion comes in versions that have fragrance if desired)

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