Orange you glad you found my Soapery?  I am!  So….what rhymes with Orange?  No… it doesn’t.  Okay, I’ll stop.  I’d  better spend some time telling you about this ALL natural soap that smells truly mouth-watering.  It’s zesty and citrus-y (is that a word?). The rich and spicy essential oils give it a depth that’s notable and wonderful. It works for men, women, and children.  Let’s not forget that it’s colored with Rose Hips and Annatto!
Ingredients:  Saponified (made into soap) oils of Olive Fruit, Coconut, Organic Palm, Shea Butter, Essential oils of Orange, Patchouli, Clove, Cinnamon Leaf, Amyris, Cedarwood, and Anise; Rosehip powder, Annatto powder.  

Sweet Orange n' Spice Old Fashioned Country Soap