A lot of you might love good ol’ Cerveza, but you’ve never had it THIS good.  So you might not be able to drink this soap but it’s base is wholly beer so it has oodles of rich, frothy lather!  The only “drunk” you’ll experience with this is being “drunk with love” because of it’s country-good aroma! (okay, I confess that I also boiled the alcohol out of it but that's neither here nor there). It’s been described thusly:  Full bodied and smooth beer (very mild) blended with Creamy Oatmeal, Orange Peel, Butterscotch, Farm-fresh Milk, Nutty Almond and Rich Vanilla! Just mix all those up, add HEAVEN, and you have this soap.  Worthy of quadruple sniffs and a few “MMMMmmmm’s”.
Ingredients: Saponified (made into soap) oils of Coconut, Palm, Canola, Olive Fruit, Vitamin E; Beer, Fragrance oil, Organic Honey, Sugar pearls, and Shimmering Mica.

Oatmeal Stout Old Fashioned Cerveza (Beer) Soap