Pure, organic Coconut oil is the only oil I've used in this soap.  I super-fatted it generously, so it won't dry out your skin like most coconut oil soaps can do.  WOW, I am so glad I experimented with this one!  When I first smelled the aroma of this soap, all I could say (as I held it greedily against my chest) was, "My Preciouuuussssss".  This was another batch of soap I thought of not selling, but instead wanted to hoard it all to myself.  Imagine fresh, tangy, zesty lemon married to the warmth of dry, woody black pepper.  It's just perfect...PERFECT! And it's very, very pretty - wouldn't you agree?

*note:  Soaps made with essential oils cost a bit more because essential oils are much more costly than regular essential oils.


Ingredients:  Saponified (made into soap) Organic Coconut oil, Lemon Essential oil, Black Pepper essential oil, yellow & green soap colors, activated charcoal, mica shimmer, and sugar pearls.


Lemon Pepper Handmade Artisan Soap