So you want purity, do you?  Look no further! This soap’s made with only one – count it – one oil. That would be organic Olive Fruit oil, meaning this is straight up “castile” soap, and boasts a more ‘creamy’ lather than a bubbly one.  Splashed with luscious essential oils for a yumma-yumma nose tickle, and don’t forget charcoal that loves to pull out toxins, and poppy seeds to exfoliate that skin of yours! Oh, and the look?  Rustic as heck!
Ingredients:  Saponified (made into soap) organic Olive oil, organic Anise essential oil,  organic Sweet Orange essential oil, ground safflowers (for color), activated Charcoal (for color and toxin removing properties), and poppy seeds.

Anise, Orange n' Poppy Seed Rustic Country Soap