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Excellent Progesterone Information


Mo' Pro Progesterone Oil is awesome! But before we tell you about it, let's just take a quick course in the basic understanding of hormones so we can see where Mo' Pro fits in with helping us out! Most of us understand that hormone imbalance can be a living nightmare! How many times have we yelled at a loved one, acted irrational, lost our temper, felt depressed, or cried the "ugly cry" at the drop of a hat? (and you don't even know WHY you're crying half the time!) It's hard enough to be the one having the symptoms and outbursts, but it's very rough for those around us and then we feel guilty for causing them pain. Sometimes our emotions can make us feel like we're on the edge of losing our sanity. 

Did You Know?

Many people are unaware of what could cause these hormone imbalances. The major causes are the constant assaults our bodies take on a daily basis from the following:

Pollution in the air, water, food, body products, clothing, carpet, paint, building materials of almost every kind, car exhaust, perfume, hormones (from people's prescriptions) that come out in human waste and aren't fully removed from water treatment systems (yuck!) and the list goes on and on.  All of these things change the way our hormonal systems work and so many of these toxins are "xenoestrogens" and mimic estrogen in the body. Not just in women, but in men, children and babies, too!  Both men and women have (and need!) progesterone and estrogen. Men, children and babies just have both in smaller amounts. The xenoestrogens compete for receptors in our cells that our true hormones would normally use.  They also build up in high amounts and cause everything to go out of balance. When hormones are imbalanced, there is pure and utter chaos in the body!



Mineral deficiencies play a huge role in how well our hormones work. We live in an age where agriculture is huge and land is not worked properly or allowed to renew itself.  The soil is over-worked and literally stripped of minerals. It is terrifying to realize that studies show our soil is almost completely devoid of life giving minerals!  We blindly believe we are getting minerals from our food, but guess where the plants get minerals?  From the soil!  The soil is nearly dead - and in some cases, VERY dead. It barely contains enough minerals to grow a plant, and the plant is practically devoid of nutrition. We can't get the minerals in our meat, either, because the animals eat the plants. Farmers add a couple of minerals but only enough to get a plant to grow, and the plants are seriously devoid of proper nutrients. It's no small wonder we "live" in a profoundly sick society!

​If you aren’t getting enough sleep or your sleep quality is really poor, your hormones are most likely imbalanced. Progesterone helps foster good sleep. If your levels are lower than usual, that can make it hard to fall and stay asleep. Low estrogen can trigger hot flashes and night sweats, both of which can make it tough to get the rest you need.  I know women who sweat so badly at night that they literally have to get up from their insomnia nightmare and change their sheets in the middle of the night. Most people believe that hormones work independently of each other.  On the contrary, it's more like a magical dance where they all work together and when one hormone is lacking or imbalanced, it can seriously mess up the entire hormonal system! If we lived in a perfect world without pollution, xenoestrogens, high stress, overworked and lifeless soil, and the other hazards of today's society, we would probably sail through puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. These are all natural processes of being human! We've heard it said, and strongly agree, that. . . These natural cycles of life aren't supposed to be emotional and physical torture!


Sound Familiar?  So Many Symptoms to Choose From!

There are just way too many symptoms of hormone imbalance to list - and you can have one of these, some of them, or all of them (and even more from those that we didn't list!).  Remember, men/children/babies are not exempt from a lot of these!































































Thousands upon thousands of women (not to mention men and teens and babies) have benefited by using bio-identical Progesterone.  Since we are bombarded by toxins and xenoestrogens at every turn, we have no choice but to try and correct our imbalances on our own.  Unfortunately, synthetic "hormones" pushed by the Pharmaceutical industry and doctors come with hefty prices where our bodies are concerned.  They can cause all kinds of less-than-fun side effects, and they aren't welcomed or recognized by the body which is why there ARE side effects.  Many synthetic drugs also come with warnings about causing cancer and a host of other scary things.  Again - pathetic! Transdermal (onto the skin) application of bio-identical progesterone is the preferred method of getting this hormone into your system. When taking a synthetic hormone by mouth you generally have to take several times the normal amount, because our liver recognizes the toxin that it is, and tries to disable it.  This means that only 10% to 20% of the synthetic "hormone" gets to the cells. Example:  If you need a 20 mg. dose of Progesterone into your body, you have to take 200 mg. orally in the hope that you get the 20% into your body after it goes through the digestive process and liver.

*  Depression  *  Mood swings  * Anxiety  *  Panic  *  Insomnia  *  Acne  * Irrational Behavior  *  Heart Palpitations  *  Edema (swelling)  *  Food Cravings  *  Aggression  *  Inflammation  *  Dizziness  * Endometriosis *  PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)  *  PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)  *  Fibroids  * Breast Cysts  * Blood Sugar Problems  *  Hypertension  *  Hypotension  *  Hot Flashes  * Hair Loss  * Impotence  *  Infertility  *  Keratosis (bumps on skin especially on the upper arms and on the thighs)  * Irregular Menstruation  * Acne  *  Psoriasis lethargy  *  Loss of Libido (sex drive) * Dry Vagina  * Bloating  *  Irrational and Sudden Onset Outbursts  *  Breast Tenderness  *  Brown Spots on Skin (especially face)  * Constipation  *  Joint pain  *  Impatience *  Highly Irritable (did we say HIGHLY??)  *  Cravings  *  Memory Loss  *  Weepiness  *  Concentration Issues  *  Brain Fog  *  Migraines and Headaches  *  Nausea in Pregnancy  *  Menstruation Pain  *  Cramps  *  Water Retention  * Fatigue  *  Aches and Pains  *  Dry Eyes  *  Allergies  *  Cold Hands and Feet  *  Dry Skin  *  Dry, Brittle Hair  *  Weight Gain  *  Incontinence  *  Muscle Weakness  *  Weak Bones  *  Oversensitivity  *  Thinning Skin . . .Well - had enough?  There's more but these are some of the more common symptoms.  Pathetic, right?

Baby Sleeping
A Toddler and a Baby
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Why Suffer?  Here's Some Good News!

How is Bio-Identical Progesterone Made?

Natural progesterone is obtained by extracting diosgenin from wild yams and then converting this component into natural progesterone in a laboratory.  One might wonder how it could be called "natural", then.  It's referred to as natural because it is the identical molecule to that which the human body produces.  Because it's identical, the body doesn't react badly towards it - it uses it for exactly what it should use it for which means no side effects that you'd get from synthetic prescription "hormones" which are anything but bio-identical!  Some people believe that using "wild yam cream" is the same as bio-identical progesterone.  Not so.  Progesterone USP is yam DERIVED, as stated above and IS bio-identical.  Such yam-derived natural progesterone should not be confused with yam extracts commonly sold in health food stores that attempt to convince consumers they are getting progesterone. When using lab converted Progesterone USP, our body effortlessly converts it into the identical molecule made by the body.  By contrast, it cannot convert the wild yam creams into progesterone.  How do you know if you're getting the right kind (pure and bio-identical) of progesterone?  The way to make sure that progesterone is present and not simply “wild yam extract” is  “U.S.P. Progesterone” on the label. U.S.P. stands for United States Pharmacopoeia, which is the international standard of purity. It confirms that the progesterone is the identical molecule as produced by the human body.

progesterone collage.png

How is FAKE "progesterone" made?

Fake forms of progesterone are called "Progestins".  They are chemical DRUG imitations of progesterone.  The most commonly prescribed progestin is called "Provera" (medroxyprogesterone acetate).  Most progestins are created by taking natural progesterone and ALTERING the chemical structure so it can be. . . are you ready for this?. . .  so it can be PATENTED.  Yes, you read that right.  They take NATURAL progesterone and mess it up so they patent it.  Any NATURAL and found in nature can't be patented.  So the cold, hard truth is, the pharmaceutical industry is taking a natural hormone and altering it badly so it can TAKE YOUR MONEY.  Forgive the capital letters, but I want it to really sink in.  They'd rather mess up something natural, and in turn mess up your health, so they can make money. . . than to do the right thing.  Another type of progestin is made by altering a SYNTHETIC form of testosterone (!!!) so there you have a double whammy:  altering a SYNTHETIC hormone to product another SYNTHETIC hormone.  Is there any logic here?

Oh, it doesn't end there. FAKE progesterone actually SUPPRESSES the production of natural progesterone in the body.  The IRONY!  They disrupt steroidal hormone pathways as well, which cause big problems with the adrenal and gonadal function.  The 'fun' doesn't end there.  This adrenal and gonadal function problem can result in many side effects.  Let's take a look at some of them:   depression, anxiety, Fluid retention, Breast tenderness, weight gain, fatigue, migraines, menstrual irregularities, spotting, angina, palpitations, nausea, general edema (swelling),  glucose intolerance (promotes insulin resistance), insomnia, skin rashes, acne, pulmonary embolism, coronary spasm, hair loss on scalp, facial hair growth, stroke. . . would you like us to continue?  Evidence also suggests there is an increase in breast cancer with women taking this medication.  The negative effects of these types of drugs are too numerous to list here, but I'd encourage you to do your research on it.

What Are Some Of The Benefits of real Progesterone?

Here's a list of many of the things bio-identical natural Progesterone can help with, and this list is by no means all inclusive.  Progesterone is such a wonderful hormone, and as we stated, ALL humans need progesterone, not just women!

Scientific studies have shown that Progesterone helps with:


  • Most women think they just have to deal with it and those around them can add insult to injury by making comments like "Oh, is it THAT time of the month?" In a large percentage of women, progesterone and estrogen are severely imbalanced because of the constant assault on our bodies from xenoestrogens and other toxins in the air, water, soil, food, etc. Even if a person has *low* estrogen, they can still have "estrogen dominance" if their progesterone levels are super low.  This can cause fatigue, hot temper, weight gain, sore/tender breasts, weepiness, depression, mood swings, low or no libido and more.


  • Natural progesterone can help relieve or completely alleviate menstrual cramps!  Try rubbing some right on the painful areas!


  • Do you have low or no libido (sex drive)?  Natural progesterone can help!


  • Did you know that Progesterone has been found to help with the symptoms of depression?  Yes, it's true. Some people call it the "happiness hormone".

  • Progesterone has been found to help in the production of Serotonin and Dopamine, which are anti-stress hormones.  

  • Natural progesterone is excellent at helping with anxiety and even panic.  Progesterone is very effective at blocking the effects of adrenaline!  Therefore, it naturally calms.  For those with strong anxiety and panic, this can be very wonderful, indeed!  I personally used to have severe anxiety and heart arrhythmias EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and I was losing sleep.  This went on for a very long time (years) and caused me deep distress which brought on even more health issues. The VERY FIRST night I used progesterone before bed, the arrhythmias ceased! They didn't "improve"...they CEASED! That's just my story but it is wonderful!  For this type of anxiety or panic it can be helpful to use a higher dose (for a time) and you can spread the dose throughout the day.  As adrenaline levels begin balancing out as other hormones balance out, less can be used.  It has been suggested that a person uses 150 mg. three times per day when they first begin to try and get relief from anxiety and panic, then taper down.


  • You get relief from the normal symptoms of menopause which include hot flashes, restlessness, night sweats, insomnia, vaginal dryness and mood swings. (oooooh, the mood swings!) Menopause is supposed to be a normal time of life for a woman and not a 'disease' of estrogen deficiency.  Estrogen levels fall by 40 - 60% during menopause, but progesterone levels can (and often do) fall to zero or very close to zero, which means the symptoms experienced by menopausal women are actually the symptoms of .....(are you ready for this?)  estrogen dominance! It seems crazy - a paradox, really - that even very low estrogen can mean "estrogen dominance" when Progesterone levels are tanked. The most effective, natural and safe help for menopause symptoms is to balance off the excess estrogen in the body with natural progesterone. 


  • Balancing the excess estrogen in your body with natural progesterone can help normalize blood sugar levels. When your blood sugar level is too low – you crave food – usually high-sugar or sweet foods such as chocolate, high carb pastries, cereal, breads, etc.  If you indulge in these quick sugar fixes your body pours insulin into the blood to help remove the sugar from the bloodstream but then stores it … as FAT.  "Yaaaay", right?  Once insulin removes the sugar from the bloodstream into the fat cells water then fills the space where the sugar was – and ta-daaaah!  You can get cramps and bloating. Natural progesterone can help to reduce symptoms of both bloating and cramping which, in turn, gives further relief and can lead to weight loss. Because it helps normalize blood sugars, you're a lot less likely to "binge eat".  Progesterone can also help your body release stored water that causes bloating - it's like a natural but gentle diuretic.  Progesterone has also been found to help your body use fat for energy.


  • If tissues that are sensitive to hormones (such as uterus, breasts, ovaries) have "unopposed" estrogen in them, these tissues can turn cancerous if the unopposed estrogen isn't balanced out with Progesterone.  "Unopposed" estrogen is estrogen that doesn't have a balancing factor (Progesterone) and when it doesn't have that, it can wreak havoc in the body.  Therefore, it's been found that natural Progesterone can help protect against breast cancer, endometrial cancer, ovarian cancers.  It's also been found to protect against Fibroids in the Uterus, Fibrocystic breasts, and Endometriosis.  ​

Natural progesterone has been found to help protect against heart disease by:

  • Relaxing coronary arteries which therefore decreases the risk of them going into spasm.  

  • As stated before, it's a natural and gentle diuretic, so it can bring down blood pressure.  

  • Helps the body's ability to burn fats for energy - and a lot of us could sure use that kind of help!

  • It has been shown to help normalize blood clotting in the body, which obviously would help protect against strokes.  

  • promoting better sleep and reducing stress.

  • Helping protect the cell membranes and their integrity.  

Unopposed Estrogen (or any estrogen) does not prevent heart disease, according to our research.  It can cause water and salt to be retained by the body, and flush out magnesium and potassium, which automatically will increase blood pressure.  Estrogen also can promote blood clots and fat synthesis and can weaken the walls of arteries by accelerating collagen aging. Varicose veins can be caused because of excess estrogen - causing a weakening of cell walls because of the collagen problem. It's a very good idea to balance out unopposed estrogen with natural progesterone.  Estrogen is a useful and necessary hormone, but as we age, it becomes dominant as progesterone levels get tanked.  


  • Progesterone is the precursor to Cortisone, which is a wonderful anti-inflammatory, so progesterone can help cut down in inflammation. Because of this, Progesterone can help relief pain from inflammatory conditions such a Arthritis!  It can be rubbed directly on the aching joints. Progesterone can protect people from Osteoporosis because it helps protect against bone loss.   It helps new bone building and many people have found outstanding reversals of osteoporosis as a result of using Natural Progesterone!

  • One of the pieces on information we found stated that studies showed people who used natural Progesterone USP experienced a 7-8 bone mass density increase in the first year, a 4-5 percent increase in the second year and a 3-4 percent increase in the third year.  That's AMAZING!  The study also showed that untreated women in the age category that was studied typically lost 1.5 percent bone mass per YEAR!  That's incredibly sad!


  • It is VITAL to have good levels of Progesterone during pregnancy.  Using natural Progesterone has been shown to quell estrogen dominance, and thereby help women become pregnant and remain pregnant.  During the second half of a woman's cycle, women can have a lack of progesterone and this is called the defective luteal phase.  In a normal cycle, estrogen will help build the lining of the uterus in preparation for pregnancy.  After ovulation, Progesterone is the hormone that thickens that lining and gets ready for a fertilized egg to implant.  A woman could be pregnant very often, but her progesterone levels are so low, the lining of her uterus is thin and inadequate to hold a pregnancy...the egg didn't have a place to implant.  Therefore, the fertilized egg is miscarried, but the woman thinks she's just having a period!  Progesterone is ESSENTIAL for a successful egg implantation and pregnancy. It will also help in-vitro fertilization to be more successful.  

  • Once a woman finds out she is pregnant, it's important to continue on natural progesterone for awhile as her natural levels increase.  The weaning off of natural Progesterone USP can be discussed with the doctor to plan an adequate time and process. However, never just quit abruptly, but instead gradually taper off or a miscarriage could result.  

  • Some women don't ovulate every month because they actually have too much estrogen.  Even if their estrogen levels show up "low" in tests, they can still be "estrogen dominant" becuase their progesterone levels are too low.  Estrogens come to us in many outside forms, too, such as "xeno-estrogens" found in pesticides and MANY other our water, food, air, you name it.  

  • Some women suffer from post-natal (after baby is born) depression.  This can be prevented by using some natural progesterone for a short time after the birth of the baby.  When a baby is born, there is a very sudden drop in Progesterone levels when the Placenta detaches from the Uterus.  This can cause or add to the post-natal depression, so it's only natural to help the body out by giving it what it needs to balance itself out.


  • Progesterone helps the thyroid to function properly.  It has helped people who are HYPOthyroid (low thyroid hormones) and HYPERthyroid (high thyroid hormones).  

  • Progesterone, Estrogen and Thyroid hormones all work together.  Estrogen tells the body to turn food into fat, progesterone and thyroid hormones tell the body to BURN fat for energy.  When one or more of these vital hormones are lacking, problems can ensue.  BIG problems, as many have learned the hard way.  Studies show that people who use a synthetic thyroid hormone can experience accelerated bone loss, leading to osteoporosis.  I think I'd rather use natural progesterone, thank you very much!


  • It has been found that Progesterone helps restore proper cellular oxygen levels, which in turn helps create greater energy levels during the day.


  • Sleep patterns have been shown to increase dramatically when progesterone levels are balanced.  It's very relaxing, too.


  • It stimulates scalp hair re-growth and reduces facial hair.

  • It's effective in preventing varicose veins which are caused because of excess estrogen which causes the collagen to age and the vein walls to weaken.


  • Oh YES!  Progesterone isn't just for women!  Progesterone is ESSENTIAL for males, too.  In fact, everybody needs it - men, women, children and even babies.  Studies show that progesterone helps protect men again cancers and even prostate problems.  Men, children and babies need lower levels. Our entire family uses natural Progesterone.​ Men, children, and babies need less, of course.  But those who use it to treat anxiety use more - according  to their needs.

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