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Bath Bomb-Diggety!

Indulgent Bath Treats Like You've Never Seen Before!

Our newest sensation at Mo' Natural: Bath Bombs!

We'll be rapidly adding Bath Bombs of all kinds:  Standard (but gorgeous!) Round, unique shapes and themes, "F-Bombs" (very popular), and our extra special addition is going to be a plethora of confectionery style bath bombs, from Petit Fours, Cookies, and Ice Cream Sundaes, to Donuts, Cakes, and other yummy looking bath bombs. They all smell AMAZING!  As a bonus, we've infused our Bath Bombs with a skin-kissing plethora of elegant oils and organic Shea Butter!  (
You're welcome....)

We're building this page right now, so watch our page often as we continue to add these body treats!  Making this is extremely fun for me so I have soooo many types in mind!


Our Ever Popular F-Bombs

"Rather than cuss and make a big fuss, (filled with anger and dread). . .just take a deep breath, step into your tub, and drop this F-Bomb Instead!"

Regular Bath Bombs

The "regular" and round, (but definitely not boring!) - a plethora of bath bombs sure to make your bath time a luxurious, skin pampering, oh-so-good smelling, "me time" heaven!

Bath Bombs for Young 'uns and Teens!

Kids and teens deserve an awesome rub-a-dub-tub time, too!  Now it can be so fun for them with frothy bubbles and delectable aromas!

Bath Bomb Fun Stuff!

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Bath Bomb Confectionary!

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Bath Bomb Limited Editions!

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